Projects and clients

GBI creates and develops specialized and customized consulting, execution and
management projects in the most diverse sectors of the economy, such as
consumer goods, household appliances and electronics, logistics and foreign
trade, automotive, auto parts and metal-mechanics, real estate and services.

  • Fiscal and operational optimization
  • Expansion and implementation of industrial and logistic operations
  • Redesign of the import process
  • Creation of a regional distribution center
  • Negotiation of fiscal incentives with integration of strategic suppliers
  • Elaboration and negotiation of special taxation rules and regimens
  • Audit of tax incentives
  • Reduction and management of tax credits
  • Technical and judicious government relations
  • Intermediation of subsidized financing
  • Simplification of fiscal controls and flows
  • Fiscal, legal and labor due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Internationalization of Brazilian companies
  • Brazilian investments abroad and diversification of equity risk
  • Tax planning for capital inflows and repatriation of financial resources

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