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Specialized solutions for your business needs

With extensive market experience, Global Brazilian Investments has an extensive repertoire of specialized, high value-added services to maximize financial results and optimize your company’s cash flow.

Here’s what we can offer you:

Customized Advisory: planning to optimize your results

Customized Advisory ensures that complex projects are analyzed in many ways, always considering that each business is unique. Tailor-made assessment encompasses the entire supply chain, customers, competitors, and industry trends, with a focus on identifying opportunities and challenges.

Our specialized advisory services also guarantee all fiscal, legal, financial and governmental support. Each of our partners, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, follows 100% of the execution stages of the project, a differential that guarantees excellence in the delivery of the work and the best results in reducing costs and adopting business models more efficient.

Productive investments: we design your business expansion in the Brazilian market

Identifying the best investment and expansion opportunities in a complex market full of potential like Brazil requires experience and planning. Strategic decisions, such as location of the enterprise, logistic distribution, access to financing, and definition of partners can be the difference between success and failure of an investment. Understanding these challenges is essential for foreign companies to establish themselves in the country, and for companies that already have local operations to grow in a sustainable way.

GBI designs business expansion models, incorporating financial efficiency tools and fiscal incentives to support the establishment of new businesses in a thorough manner, across all phases of your project, from planning to execution.

Global Brazilian Investments manages the different phases implementation of projects. We work with investors to define more efficient legal and tax models, and we work with several public sector spheres to formulate investment attraction policies.

Our work also includes the realization of economic feasibility studies, strategic business partnerships and the definition of financing and governance structures.


M&A solutions with the best tax and financial structures

Mergers and Acquisitions solutions are important tools to excel in a highly competitive market, as each company’s value generation depends on complex, well-structured and detailed transactions in a clear, assertive and careful manner between the parties.

GBI advises your company on the analysis, preparation and execution of projects that make it possible to take advantage, in a fiscally efficient way, of opportunities for purchase, sale, merger and spin-off of companies, trademarks, licensing arrangements, corporate and operational reorganizations.

Our Transactions consulting services include all stages of the process:

  • Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Legal / financial structuring of purchase or sale operations (partial or total)
  • Elaborated tax planning
  • Accounting and project support to integration / transition teams

Another fundamental point in an M&A operation is the structuring of steps to optimize cash flow. Efficient operations with lower financial costs depend on the correct design of the operation. We analyze in detail the various options applicable to each case specifically, so that your company can complete the best deals with maximum efficiency in capital management.


Brazilian investments abroad and assets protection

Safety for investments abroad

Investment in more mature and economically stable markets is a strategy used by companies of all sectors and sizes, to diversify their operations and protect capital. We offer all the advice for operational investments in offshore companies, in order to guarantee the diversification of its business portfolio and its patrimonial protection against the natural oscillations of the Brazilian emerging market. We have designed all steps for your company to expand its business in overseas markets, with options, risk and opportunity evaluations, as well as all legal, tax and administrative support within and outside Brazil.

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